FoodSaver® Fresh Food Preservation System FFS010

Plan, prepare and enjoy fresh meals with the FoodSaver® Fresh Food Preservation System. This easy to use vacuum sealing system combines with FoodSaver® Fresh containers and zipper bags for a quick and convenient solution for keeping your favourite foods fresher for longer, meaning you can plan for a busy week ahead and prepare delicious and nutritious meals to enjoy, safe in the knowledge that they will be as fresh as when you made them.

  • Keep food fresh for up to 2 x longer in the fridge or cupboard
  • For use with FoodSaver® Fresh Containers and Zipper Bags
  • Plan. Enjoy. Vacuum seal meals for the week in advance
  • Great for on the go – enjoy fresh meals at home, at work, at school or on the move
  • Perfect for the countertop, with one-touch operation

Plan. Prepare. Enjoy.

Now, planning healthy meals for a busy week ahead couldn’t be easier, because with the FoodSaver® Fresh Food Preservation System you can prepare all your family’s favourite, delicious and nutritious lunches and evening meals in advance, safe in the knowledge that the vacuum sealing process is the best way to keep the food fresh for up to 2 times longer than ordinary food storage. You or your family will be able to enjoy the meals you’ve lovingly prepared as if they were freshly made.

The FoodSaver® Fresh Food Preservation System preserves the freshness and nourishing qualities of your food, reduces waste and helps you lower your weekly food budget. Ordinary food storage methods trap air causing food to lose flavour and nutrition. The FoodSaver® Fresh Food Preservation System removes air from specially-designed vacuum zipper bags and containers for an air-tight seal. By using the tightest possible seals to prevent air and moisture from getting to your food, the FoodSaver® system locks in nutrients, taste and freshness up to twice as long as traditional storage methods.

With a streamlined design that is perfect for your countertop, the FoodSaver® Fresh Food Preservation system has a One-Touch sealing operation. Simply place your FoodSaver® Fresh Container or Zipper Bag on the base of the system, lower the vacuum head into place and the ‘Ready’ light will let you know that you are ready to seal. Press the button and the FoodSaver® Fresh Food Preservation System with extract all the air from your container or bag, before sealing it and trapping the freshness inside. Your meals or ingredients are then good to go – and you’re ready for the week ahead!

FoodSaver® Fresh Containers are ideal for fresh meals on the go, as well as easy, stackable storage at home. You won’t get the same fresh results with ordinary storage containers. FoodSaver® containers are made with clear BPA free, Tritan material. They are crack and shatter resistant, stain and odour resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe and what’s better is that each Fresh Container model is nestable and stackable – making storing in your fridge even easier. When combined with this FoodSaver® Fresh Food Preservation System, you can plan a week of meals or store leftovers with ease and at speed.

FoodSaver® Fresh Zipper bags are a great space-saving alternative to containers, and can be used to make the most of this FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation system. Also BPA free and easy to use, these are great for keeping refrigerated foods fresh that you access daily, like deli meat, cheeses, snacks and leftovers.

FoodSaver® promises freshness with the Fresh Food Preservation system – the easy and convenient way to plan, prepare and enjoy fresh and nutritious food at home or on the go.

FoodSaver® is the original consumer vacuum sealing system. As the global market leader FoodSaver® has sold in excess of 20 million units to date. The FoodSaver® brand continues to innovate in its mission to keep your food fresher for longer.