FoodSaver® Fresh Container Combo Pack (3pt) FFC020X


FoodSaver® Fresh Containers are stylish, stackable and suitable for use with all FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing Systems. These are the ultimate food storage solutions for your home – the combination of simple storage and the freshness you can expect from vacuum sealing your food. Preserve the fresh flavours of your favourite ingredients and meals in your fridge, freezer and cupboards.

  • 700ml, 1.2L and 1.8L containers for your storage use
  • Compatible with all FoodSaver® vacuum sealing systems
  • Suitable for the fridge, freezer and cupboard
  • BPA Free – safe for all the family
  • Store liquids or dry goods with leak proof lid and seal

Food is only as good as it is fresh and by taking air out and sealing flavour in with the FoodSaver® System, you can confidently nourish the ones you love. FoodSaver® vacuum sealing systems preserve the freshness and nourishing qualities of your food, reduce waste and help you lower your weekly food budget. By using the tightest possible seals to prevent air and moisture from getting to your food, the FoodSaver® system prevents freezer burn while locking in nutrients, taste and freshness up to five times longer than traditional storage methods.

By vacuum sealing food bought on sale and reducing household waste by up to 87%, the average UK family could save up to £600 per year using the FoodSaver® System. Food is meant to be prepared, shared, savoured and shared again, and the FoodSaver System ensures food will remain as tasty and flavoursome as the day you sealed it. Vacuum sealing captures all the nutritional attributes of food, ensuring that when you are ready to eat there is no sacrifice in quality or flavour.

FoodSaver® Fresh Containers may look like a traditional storage container, but they really come to life when used with a FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System. All FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems come equipped with an Accessory Hose, which can in turn be used with the Fresh Containers to extract all the air from the containers before creating an airtight seal that keeps the air out, and the freshness in. Perfect for fruits, salads, biscuits, nuts and leftovers – use the FoodSaver Fresh Containers at home or for on the move. Once sealed the lid will be locked, so perfect for leftovers for lunch or freshly prepared salads. Keep your lunchtimes Fresh with FoodSaver®!

The FoodSaver® Fresh Containers are designed to be as flexible as your lifestyle – so simply store your food, reheat in the microwave (without the lid) and then clean in the dishwasher – easy! FoodSaver® Fresh Containers are BPA free so you can store and seal your food safe in the knowledge that your family can enjoy tasty and nutritious food with total peace of mind. The FoodSaver® 700ml, 1.2L and 1.8L Fresh Containers are great for storing salads or leftover food so you can enjoy fresh family dinners days later – vacuum sealing technology means there are really no limits to this versatile storage option.

FoodSaver® is the original consumer vacuum sealing system. As the global market leader FoodSaver® has sold in excess of 20 million units to date. The FoodSaver® brand continues to innovate in its mission to keep your food fresher for longer.